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Chipinge Rotary Club plants 100 trees along Mutare road

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Chipinge Rotary Club plants 100 trees along Mutare road


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIPINGE- Chipinge Rotary Club has planted 100 trees along Mutare road to curb deforestation, club foundation chairperson Melanie Machingo has said.
She said that they took the action to reduce the effects of climate change due to severe deforestation that has affected the district which has immensely expanded in recent years.
Machingo also added that the club decided to plant trees to inspire the community.
“When I settled in Chipinge, it had so many trees but now people are just cutting them down indiscriminately. Our people do not know that if they cut a tree, they should replace it. As Rotary Chipinge, we thought that if we plant trees we will inspire our community to do the same and value trees.
“We are experiencing climate change due to deforestation. We join hands with council, Forestry Commission and our community to resuscitate our environment,” said Machinga.
The tree planting was attended by officials from the Forestry Commission and Chipinge Town Council.
Forestry Commission representative Patience Chipo Chiparange called on other organisations to plant tree as this would help keep environmental degradation at bay.
“This is a good innovation because trees are life. As Forestry Commission we are happy with what the Rotary Club has done. There is need for us to continue planting trees so as to save the future. We encourage other organizations to emulate the gesture so as to address climate change,” she said.
Ward 1 councillor, Zivanai Nyakuchena who was among those planting trees said the trees beautify the town and also prevent environment disasters.
Chipinge Town Council Human Resources Officer Manyuke Chirayeraye said council was looking for more partners who will help to plant more trees.

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