Chipinge RDC sets clinic in Checheche as STI cases increase


Checheche – Chipinge Rural District Council (RDC) has set up a referral satellite clinic in Checheche.

The development takes place at a time when there is concern over high rates of STI infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Chipinge RDC CEO, Blessing Mamvosha told a meeting of members of Platform for Youth and Community Development (PYCD) held at Checheche recently that STI and unwanted pregnancy figures in Checheche were worrisome.

He said that the only health centre in the area belonged to a church and its doctrine discourages the use of contraceptives.

“Checheche records high STI cases and unwanted pregnancies and the challenge that we have is that the only health facility we have is St Peters and its doctrine doesn’t encourage the use of contraceptives.

“We therefore decided to build a satellite clinic which will be completed in two months time,” said Mamvosha.

Devolution funds are being used for the project.

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