Chipinge RDC opens polyclinic in Checheche

Fungayi Munyoro/Ellen Mlambo

CHECHECHE – Chipinge Rural District Council has opened a polyclinic at Checheche Growth Point in ward 24.
The local authority had to open a clinic in the same area where the Roman Catholic church-run St Peters Mission Hospital is because the latter does not offer contraceptives due to its doctrine, Chipinge RDC Admin and Human Resources Officer Takesure Maduveko told Chipinge Times.

The Checheche Clinic was opened on August 6 2021.

The local authority renovated a former storeroom for Cargill at a cost of RTGS$650 000. The clinic is a satellite of Manzvire Clinic.

It comprises of five rooms and 10 nurses’ houses.

Maduveko said that the satellite clinic provides comprehensive healthcare to the residents of Checheche and surrounding areas.

Over the years, Checheche has recorded high STI infections and unwanted pregnancies.

“In terms of service delivery, mission clinics are limited by their doctrines. They are limited on how much they reach out to people. They discourage the use of contraceptives and they do not provide those services to the community so it was necessary to open a clinic. We offer all services save for maternity since we do not have wards,” he said.

Maduveko said the project started in July 2019 and was funded by the RDC.

“We started this project in July 2019. The clinic was fully funded by the RDC and devolution funds were used to build the nurses’ houses at a cost of RTGS$2.9 million,” he said.

Ward 24 councilor Wishes Hama was happy with the achievement and he added that the development will ease pressure on St Peters Mission Hospital.

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