Chipinge RDC gets $36m for roads

Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – Chipinge Rural District Council (RDC) has received RTGS$36 325 840 000 from Government under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).

Chipinge RDC CEO Blessing Mamvosha confirmed the development in an interview with Chipinge Times.

The allocation was split into two, $15 762 640 000 for roads rehabilitation being implemented by the local authority and $20 563 200 000 for rehabilitation of two roads namely; 10kms Checheche-Rimai Road and 7,1kms Lower Eastern Border Road.

The roads are being rehabilitated Crosstrack Investments PBC, a contractor.

Chipinge RDC district engineer Henry Dhliwayo said the local authority had to make an application for a supplementary budget in order to pay the contractor for the work to be done since the cost exceeded their budget.

“We had budgeted $20 563 200 000, however, the costs for the two roads settled at $19 600 000 for Checheche- Rimai road and $19 300 000 for Lower Eastern Border Road.

“Government should capacitate local authorities with equipment as more work could be achieved compared to when we use contractors. The contractor is working on a total of 17,1 kms with a cost of $39 million whilst we are covering about 22 kms at a cost of $15 million,” said Dhliwayo.

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