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Chipinge prophet caged for kidnapping girl (14)

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Chipinge prophet caged for kidnapping girl (14)



CHIPINGE- Magistrate Alfred Chinembiri has jailed a self- proclaimed Chipinge prophet to a year in jail for kidnapping a 14-year-old girl and holding her hostage at his shrine and house.
Lawrence Dhukuza (35) of Christ Life Church was arrested together with his aide, Philip Masererese (19) who was acquitted.
Prosecutor Delia Khataziye told the court that on March 11, 2023 the girl (name withheld) went to Dhukuza’s shrine with other relatives to visit her brother who was not feeling well and going through a cleansing process.
Upon arrival at the shrine, Dhukuza told the complainant’s relatives that she was possessed by evil spirits and he wanted to pray for her. The minor was then left at the shrine and the relatives returned home.
The minor’s mother was told of what had happened and she went to Dhukuza’s shrine where he refused to hand her over. He allegedly told the mother that her daughter was going through a cleansing ceremony.
Dhukuza later took the minor to his homestead and locked her in a room prompting her mother to file a Police report which led to his arrest.
In his defence Dhukuza said he was only helping the minor.

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