Chipinge Police officer in court for soliciting US$50 bribe

Ellen Mlambo

A Chipinge Police officer, Annakim Chapwanya (29) is appearing at the local magistrates’ court after he allegedly received US$20 bribe to protect an accused from going to jail.
Chapwanya who is deployed at Chipinge Magistrates’ Police post appeared before Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi facing charges of criminal abuse of duty after he induced and solicited a US$50 bribe to stop Anesu Chiwenda (23), TM supermarket warehouse assistant manager from being imprisoned of alleged theft charges.
The matter was remanded to August 11, 2021.
Thulani Zondwayo who represented the State said on July 22, 2021, Chapwanya was on court orderly duties where he approached Anywhere Mundandishe, the wife to Chiwenda. He solicited US$50 from Mundandishe so that he could save her husband from going to prison.
Mundandishe managed to raise US$20 and the money was to be sent to the accused through Mukuru by her sister Precious Mundandishe who is in Botswana.
Chapwanya supplied his Mukuru account number 0773049888 and full particulars to Anywhere so that Precious could transfer the US$20 direct to his account.
The accused person allegedly went to Wasarawasara Mukuru booth and collected the US$20 which was sent by Precious using her Botswana cell number +26774207297.
The complainant learnt from his wife that the accused collected money so that he could facilitate his release from prison. This did not go down well with the complainant who approached Chapwanya and demanded his money back. Chiwenda reported the matter to ZRP Chipinge and investigations were carried out.
It was established that on July 22, the accused withdrew US$20 (2X $10 notes) under voucher number CYTAJKKJ, order number 58724827.
The total value prejudiced is RTGS$1710 and nothing was recovered.

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