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Chipinge parents report head over missing property

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Chipinge parents report head over missing property


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIPINGE – Parents at Chimana Primary School in Ward 19 Chipinge have reported their head Farai Dzanga to Police over missing property including some donated by Plan International

The case was reported at Mandere Police Station under case number CR52 on July 16 2020 and there are claims that some of the property was found at Dzanga’s house. Also implicated in the case is the school’s former clerk Paul Yohane.

Dzanga professed ignorance over the matter when contacted for a comment by Chipinge Times.

“What is missing at the school? I am not aware of that,” he said before hanging up.

However, the District Schools Inspector Richard Gabaza is said to have recently sent the District Account Maxwell Dumba to the school to carry out some investigations.

Gaabaza told Chipinge Times that he was aware of the case.

An SDC member who declined to be mentioned said that there were many things that were missing from the school and it was now difficult to account for everything because some documents are missing.

” We did physical count and found out that some of the missing items included asbestos sheets, spades, hoes, pick and trowels.  We tasked teachers to look for the missing items but they failed. We then recovered shovels, racks and a Samsung at one of the houses. We recovered slushes and uniforms which Plan International donated,” said one member.

The parents complained against lack of progress after the matter was handed over to the Police and to relevant Ministry of Education authorities.

“Firstly the district accountant must assess the situation. If he sees that he can not handle it he then recommend for auditors. We always dispatch auditors and Dumba went there and he is working on that. The matter was also reported to Police,”  said Gabaza. –https://masvingomirror.com

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