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Chipinge motorist dies after ramming into a stationery bus

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Chipinge motorist dies after ramming into a stationery bus


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIPINGE – Government must consider a law limiting the time that a broken down vehicle can remain on the road before being towed away as many people are killed by such stationery vehicles.

Blessing Karidza (24) from Gaza high density suburb in Chipinge died at 1am today when his car rammed into a broken down Devine Star Bus that had been on the spot for a month.

The accident happened near Glowlight Service Station in the town.

Karidza’s devastated grandfather Thaddius Mubayiwa confirmed the accident to Chipinge Times.

“We really don’t know what happened. We just heard he rammed into a stationary bus and died on the spot. He was alone in the car. He moved out two weeks ago and was now staying alone. At the moment we are waiting for his mother to arrive from South Africa where she is working. His father passed away long back. She will get a flight at 3pm today,” he said.

Police District Community Relations Liason Officer Assistant Inspector Jawett Kamera said he was out of town and could not comment on the accident.

Chipinge residents took to social media and blasted Chipinge Town Council for failing to establish a proper bus rank in Chipinge.
“How can a bus spent more than a month parked along the road? All Chipinge Town Council know is to clamp shopping customers’ cars. Why did they allow this bus to park there for more than a month?” asked one resident.

“At times we ask ourselves if we still have police in Chipinge. Chipinge Police Officer Commanding Kennedy Nyaumwe, please assist us,” said another resident.

Chipinge Town Community Association (CTCA) coordinator and Public Relations Officer Amato Rungano urged council to tow away the bus to a safe place. http://masvingopmirror.com


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