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Chipinge man fatally stabs friend over beer mug

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Chipinge man fatally stabs friend over beer mug


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira


CHIPINGE-Police in Manicaland have launched a manhunt for Progress Muyambo (18) who is on the run after stabbing his friend to death after a misunderstanding over a beer mug they were drinking from.

Muyambo of Mahachi Village under Chief Musikavanhu, Checheche stabbed Carlos Mabherera (25) of Konjana Village under Chief Garahwa in Chipinge on the cheek last week at Da Place Night Club at Checheche Business Centre.

Manicaland provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the matter to Chipinge Times and urged communities to settle their differences amicably.

Muzondo said Muyambo and Mabherera got into an argument over a beer mug they were drinking beer from at around 3 am and Muyambo drew an okapi knife from his pocket and stabbed Mabharera once on the left cheek.

Mabharera was rushed to St Peters Mission Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“Most violence related offences are emanating from beer drinks. We are calling upon people to exercise refrain when faced with a conflicting situation and appealing for information that can lead to the arrest of Muyambo,” said Muzondo.

Chipinge South Legislator Enock Porusingazi condemned carrying of dangerous weapons in public places.

“It’s a very unfortunate incident. We are urging our youngsters to resolve their disputes amicably. We condemn the carrying of dangerous weapons such as axes, knives, knobkerries and catapults in public places especially at drinking spots. Carrying of these weapons in public places is prohibited by law in Zimbabwe,” he said.

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