Chipinge man drags niece (18), ‘rapes’ her in a bush


Chipinge – A cheeky man from Chipinge (41) allegedly waylaid his niece (18) who was coming from a grinding mill and dragged her into a bush where he raped her once.

Embedzai Mukombe of Nechishanye Village, Chief Chamutsa, Buhera found the complainant in the company of another girl. He gave the girl some money and ordered her to rush to the shops to buy some jolly juice.

Mukombe then told the complainant that he wanted her to become his wife. The girl spurned the advances and the accused dragged the complainant into a bush and allegedly raped her after the girl left for the shops.
Portia Matereke prosecuted.

The matter was before Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzvi recently.

“On an unknown date but in the month of July 2020, the complainant was sent to the grinding mill accompanied by another girl. On their way they met the accused person and exchanged greetings. When the complainant and her nephew were returning, they used the same way and met with the accused person again.

“He sent away the girl to buy jolly juice.

“In the bush, the accused tripped the complainant who fell down on her back. He then pulled up the complainant’s skirt and forcibly removed her pants.

He forced himself on top off the complainant and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent,” said Matereke.

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