Chipinge councillor to appear at High Court over fraud

Fungayi Munyoro

CHIPINGE – Ward 4 councillor Raina Madenyika has been dragged to court after she sold a low-density residential stand in Chipinge but allegedly refused to surrender it to the buyer after getting full payment.

Herbert Mavhimira, a bus driver with InterAfrica who is being represented by Langton Mhungu of Mhungu and Associates has caused Madenyika to be served with summons at the High Court.

The summons were served to Madenyika on  March 10 2021 and she is yet to enter a plea to defend.

According to court papers, Madenyika sold a  stand which was not disclosed its size in Low Density Chipinge  to Mavhimira which she got from council as part of her benefits. The stand was sold for US$5 000 but the councillor is allegedly now refusing to surrender the stand.

The papers say that on August 1 2019, Mavhimira bought stand number 5321 Low Density Chipinge from Madenyika which she had acquired from Chipinge Town Council as part of her benefits in her capacity as a councillor.

Mavhimira and Madenyika also agreed that the money due to Chipinge Town Council would be paid into account number 771000230. Mavhimira paid off the account plus an additional of US$600 in a full and final settlement.

Madenyika confirmed full payment for the stand in writing. However she refused to tender the stand to Mavhimira and offered another stand at number 1350A St Kelvin Medium Density.

Mavhimira later noted that Madenyika does not own a stand at 1350A St Kelvin.

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