Chipinge councillor stops colleagues from turning church into beerhall


CHIPINGE – Morality and conscience must have got the better of Chipinge councillors at the last full council meeting when they stopped a proposal to turn a beerhall that is now operating as a church back into a beerhall.
The local authority’s housing committee proposed during the meeting on Wednesday last week that Gaza Beerhall that is now being rented by a church, a clinic and a private school be returned to its primary purpose of a beerhall.
However, Ward 6 councillor and Finance Committee chairperson Lovemore Mukwapati said the recommendation would be in bad taste with the residents.
He said residents will see the local authority as insensitive if it closes a church and a school in favour of a beerhall. They said that residents would be offended to see the church operating under a tree to allow a beerhal to run.
Gaza is being rented by Shekinah Private Primary school, Clinic and Church.
The council resolved that the matter be referred back to the housing committee for further deliberations.
“If we make these people vacate the premises, it would appear like we don’t support education for children. It is also appear like we want churches to operate under trees. The clinic has been doing very well for residents and we must seriously consider these issues,” said Mukwapati
Mukwapati told The Mirror later that he wants council to find alternative accommodation for the three operations before they are moved out
“These premises are for a council beer hall but the beerhal closed because of low patronage. The place became a haven for vice and residents were using it as toilets and smoking dagga until these three tenants came in. Now the council has an intention to return the place to its intended use,” he added.
Mukwapati said running beerhalls by local authorities in other towns is now a thing of the past.

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