Chipinge Council employee romance video causes stir

The kiss of Chipinge… Chirombo kisses Sarudzai!
Mirror Reporter
CHIPINGE – A married Chipinge Town Council employee, Oscar Chirombo’s leaked video in which he is kissing a woman who is also understood to be married has caused a stir in the small eastern town of Manicaland.
The video went viral on social media. Chirombo who recently had a dreamy and expensive wedding at New year’s Gift has not been picking his phone for days.
The Mirror is told that the woman being kissed by Chirombo is Sarudzai Dhliwayo and her husband is said to be in South Africa. Dhliwayo could not be reached for a comment.
In the video, Chirombo, a roads technician is seen kissing Sarudzai while they sit inside a car. A well known son of an MP in the area is taking the video while proclaiming that Sarudzai and Chirombo are a happy couple.
Sarudzai is at the same time enjoying her favourite Castle Lite.

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