Chipinge Council dragged to court over unlawful termination of contracts


CHIPINGE – Seven Chipinge Town Council employees have taken the local authority to court for unlawful termination of employment.

The council allegedly terminated the workers’ contracts through text messages from mobile phones.

Chipinge Times gathered that the seven employees who all worked in the security department had six months contracts from 2019 which were renewed on expiry. However, in 2020 the contracts were neither renewed nor terminated from January to the end of October.

It is at the end of October after working for 10 continuous months that the employees allegedly got text messages terminating their contracts which labour experts say was unlawful.

Susan Dube who is Chipinge Town Secretary declined to comment on the matter. However, it is understood that council is being represented by Bere Brothers Legal Practitioners.

The concerned workers also declined to comment for fear of victimisation but it is understood that they are being represented by the Zimbabwe Urban Council Workers’ Union.

“They allowed the workers to work for 10 months without contracts and then just suddenly sent SMS messages telling them to stop coming to work.

“It is imperative to take notice that respondent did not place before the applicants any written contract for 10 months spanning from January 2020 to October 2020,” said a source.

Another source said, “In October 2020 the employer approached the workers instructing them to a one-month fixed contract valid from November 1, 2020 to the end of the same month.

“They asked Chirayeraye a manager to check the provision of Labour Act Chapter 28:01 section 12(3). He however, pushed them to sign the one month fixed term contract. On October 31 he chose not to give the workers any work,” said the source.

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