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Chipinge budget off rails as CCC disengages

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Chipinge budget off rails as CCC disengages



CHIPINGE – Chipinge Town Council 2024 budget making process is off the rails after all the eight CCC councillors boycotted a budget review meeting held at NSSA Recreational Park on Wednesday in line with president Nelson Chamisa’s order for party Parliamentarians and councillors to disengage.
Only one Zanu PF councillor who came in on a women quota ticket, Enesi Mhlanga attended the meeting and left long before the end of the meeting.
The boycott could cause serious administrative problems at Chipinge TC if it continues as CCC controls the council after sweeping all the eight wards plus snatching the youth quota.
Chipinge Town Community Association (CTCA) Coordinator and Public Relations Officer, Amato Rungano confirmed to The Mirror that all CCC councillors were not at the crucial meeting. He said the matter was raised during the review meeting but there was no one senior enough from the side of policy makers to give an answer.
Efforts to get a comment from acting Chipinge town secretary James Mutemera were fruitless as he was not picking his mobile phone.
Council chairperson, Kingstone Dhlumo said he was not at the meeting because of an illness in the family. He however, said the issue of disengagement was real and even if he was available for the meeting he would still have consulted seniors in the party on whether to attend or not.
He said he did not know whether other councillors attended. Thirty people including council officials attended the meeting.
Chipinge District Chamber of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Public Relations Officer Godwill Mlambo said whatever they discussed at the meeting was a nullity due to the absence of councillors.
“Without councillors, whatever we discussed is a nullity. The meeting was dictatorial as council officials refused us the chance to ask questions,” said Mlambo.
“I did not attend the meeting because I was out of town. Yes the issue of disengagement is real. Even if I was around, I still would have consulted the party for guidance on whether to attend or not,” said Dhlumo.
“All councillors were not there. We even raised that issue because the issues deliberated like fiscal policy required their presence,” said Rungano.

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