Chinotimba roasts Chipinge Town Secretary

Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – Buhera South MP, Joseph Chinotimba who suspects that Chipinge Town Engineer resigned in a huff last month to escape prosecution over scandals involving devolution funds went ballistic during a Parliamentary Committee hearing threatening war on the council if any corrupt activities were to be unearthed.

Chinotimba who was part of a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government, Public Works and National Housing hearing at the District Co-ordinator’s Boardroom on Wednesday last week asked Town Secretary, Susan Dube why the local authority’s engineer, Paul Mulauzi resigned in a huff.

Dube told the Committee that she was ignorant of the reasons. Chinotimba made a follow-up question and asked whether the engineer was not running away from allegations of abuse of devolution funds.

Dube’s next answer left Chinotimba livid. She told the committee that there was no corruption at the local authority.

“We hear from circles that the engineer is no longer at work and he resigned due to issues related to devolution funds. You better tell us the truth because if we discover on our own that there is corruption here then there will be chaos,” said Chinotimba.

“Corruption is a cancer that must be dealt with. We did not come here for witch hunting. We need to hear the truth and if you hide things away from us, tichazvibata (we will get it),” said Chinotimba.

Chinotimba said that there was a lot of nepotism in councils. He alleged that the engineer could have resigned on the instigation of the town secretary.

“We don’t want kuti mari dzevanhu dzidyiwe pese pese, ndorwadziwa. Tiri kuisana pamabasa ne nepotism and then mari yadyiwa woti chi resigner basa then you say it’s not corruption (I am pained by the looting that is going on. We are hiring relatives at workplaces and when a scandal is unearthed the CEO asks the relative to resign and escape prosecution?,” said Chinotimba accusingly.

The meeting was chaired by the committee’s chair, Dr Miriam Chikukwa and the other MPs present were Patrick Chidhakwa, Morgen Komichi, Elias Mudzuri among others.

“It is true that the engineer resigned but I am not privy to the reasons. There is nothing in our records however, that shows any mismanagement or fraud on devolution funds. I also can’t say that the engineer was incompetent because of the poor performance of the solar project,” said Dube.

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