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Chin’ono tells the youths to go abroad

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Chin’ono tells the youths to go abroad


As ZANU PF looting intensifies

22 October 2023

By Hopewell Chino’no

My advice to young Zimbabwean people from the bottom of my heart speaking from experience is that if you can leave the country, PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

Don’t waste your youthful days doing nothing when people of your age are progressing elsewhere.

I left Zimbabwe at 23 in 1994 and was able to build the foundation to the life I live today in Britain from my education to my award winning professional career.

I would never have done it in Zimbabwe with only ONE TV station owned by the Government and a collapsed economy run by corrupt politicians.

I secured visas for all my young family members in the past 20 years so that they could have the same head-start I got in life because I knew that they would grow old with nothing to their name if they stayed in Zimbabwe.

Some have now moved from Britain to Australia because they had an opportunity to build their lives in a country where things worked.

The politicians in Zimbabwe have no viable plan for you, you either choose propaganda or you choose to build yourself.

Zimbabwe is a broken nation with no opportunities for young people except for those of a criminal type or those linked to political elites.

I am 52 years old, there are people of my age who have never had a title deed in their name, there are people of my age who have never been on holiday, the same will happen to you if you stick around doing nothing hoping for a miracle to happen.

There are many opportunities for young people across the world, start as a carer in Britain and build yourself up.

Don’t say that nobody didn’t tell you!
Life is one big road with loads of signs, you choose which sign to follow.

To those who have left the country, learn something from my journey, DON’T forget those that you left behind.

Sending them money to buy bread is a sign of responsibility, but it won’t change their lives, you will end up resenting them because they will become an irritating financial burden to you.
Help them get out!

I want to end by saying this, politicians earn their living by selling dreams, it is up to you whether you want to live in Lala-Land or you want to do something about your sorry circumstances.

Zimbabwe is a mess, it will be a mess for a long time unless a miracle happens or someone fearless emerges to take on the corrupt elites and bring revolutionary change.

The current political actors have no ability to change anything or to help you change your lives.

LEAVE and if you do, remember those that you left behind.

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