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Chinese mine donates maize to Shurugwi villagers

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Chinese mine donates maize to Shurugwi villagers


•Residents scoff at donation


SHURUGWI – Chinese run Chengxi Gold Mine operating in the Boterekwa escarpment has donated 60 tonnes of maize meal to villagers in Shurugwi North and Shurugwi South constituencies.
The maize meal was handed over to Minister of State Owen Ncube last Friday and he in-turn handed them over to the responsible ministry.
Ncube said the project is part of Chengxi Chengetai Investments Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR). He added that those in urban areas will receive cash transfers from the mine.
“A private mining company operating here in Shurugwi donated 60 tonnes of mealie meal to both Shurugwi North and South constituencies to complement drought relief. Those in rural have already started receiving maize from Social Welfare and those in the urban areas will receive cash transfers,” said Ncube.
Shurugwi Residents Association (SRA) chairperson Bulle Madzitira however, scoffed at the gesture.
He said Chinese miners are responsible for the rising poverty in the district after they took over all productive mines and dismissed artisanal miners.
“We don’t want to be spoon fed. Where will we go with that 10 kg of mealie meal? The Minister should not take residents for granted. Campedown, Boterekwa and Peak mines among many others were thousands of people earned a living have been grabbed by the Chinese.
“After taking all the mines they are now giving us just a 10 kg of mealie meal to feed our families. Are we going to pay school fees with that 10kg of mealie meal?” quizzed Madzitira.
Shurugwi South MP Wilson Mhuri hailed the program. He said the mine is complimenting Government in the face of the El Niño induced drought.
“The President has declared that no one will die of hunger and no will be left behind. Today we have received 60 tonnes of mealie meal from Chengxi Mine. We are also receiving maize from traditional leaders and social welfare departments so no one will die of hunger,” said Mhuri.

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