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Chinese companies must do social corporate responsibility – Shurugwi mayor

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Chinese companies must do social corporate responsibility – Shurugwi mayor



SHURUGWI – Chinese companies must do social corporate responsibility like any other corporates including building roads, Shurugwi mayor, Fanuel Machiya has suggested.
Machaya told Midlands Resident Minister of State, Owen Ncube during the commissioning of a fire tender on Monday that his council was planning to approach Chinese mining companies in Shurugwi so they can also be involved in the building and maintenance of roads.
He said that roads in the town are in a bad state and the local authority did not have enough resources to attend to them. He also alluded to the problem of water and said there were plans to approach Zimasco for assistance.
“We are happy with the Minister’s visit and the guidance he gives us. What we however, lack are good roads and we want to engage Chinese miners so that they can help us in that regard as part of their social corporate responsibility.
“We also have plans to approach Zimasco so that it helps us with projects to enhance water supply,” said Machiya.
He said the situation at the local hospital was also bad and the local authority was forced to make some donations recently including lights. He said the mortuary was also in a bad state.
Ncube hailed the local authority for implementing devolution projects.
“Devolution funds play a critical role in enabling local authorities to implement various crucial projects that are directly benefiting our rural communities. Devolution ensures local decision making targeted at development that addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by communities,” said Ncube.
Shurugwi Town Council had implemented several key projects through Devolution and they include Mambowa nickel shaft water projects , construction of Sebenga Clinic and Makusha ablution facilities.
Jaison Javangwe, a resident expressed her appreciation at the acquisition of the fire tender. She said two shops were gutted by fire at Mumvurwi Business Center in January this year.
“We had an incident at Mumvuri where two shops were gutted by fire in January and a lot of property was lost. With this fire tender everyone will be safe because the tender carrys 5000 liters of water,” said Javangwe.

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