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Child ‘raised’ from the dead in Beitbridge


Child ‘raised’ from the dead in Beitbridge


Two Nations Reporter

BEITBRIDGE – A Beitbridge man has told Two Nations that a popular prophet in the southern region, Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa raised his two-year-old son from the dead on Sunday.
Obey Chinaka (41) said his son suddenly fell at home in New Stands near Mbedzi in Beitbridge on Sunday and passed out. He was advised to take the boy to an open space in the border town where Madzibaba Emmanuel of Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect was conducting a healing session.
The open space is a few kilometers from the town centre along Bulawayo road and is always packed when the prophet is there and noticeably are senior Government officials and Ministers.

Chinaka said his son was playing outside the house with other children when a certain woman ran and told him that his child had fallen onto the ground and was unconscious.
He said he rushed outside and tried first aid including rubbing him salted water but to no avail.
He was advised by neighbours to go to Mutumwa’s healing session. At the site, Mutumwa did not waste time but prayed for him and after 30 minutes he had regained consciousness.
“It was when Mutumwa started praying for my son that I saw a flicker of life. After two hours he was walking again, added Chinaka.
Madzibaba Mutumwa also confirmed the matter to Two Nations and praised God for the act and said he would continue to assist those who need deliverance and those with disabilities.
Mutumwa’s itinerary is that on June 10-12 2022, he will be in Insuza in Mat North, from June 16-19 he will be at Esigodini, from 22 to 26 June he will be at Siachilaba Shopping Centre in Binga, July 14-16 he will be back in Beitbridge at Lutumba Shopping Centre and 17-18 July he will be at Makhado shopping center in Beitbridge.https://masvingomirror.com

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