Child killers of Chibhoraniland

The blood of innocent Chibhoraniland children is on us Chibhorani citizens as we are found guilty of murder, premeditated murder without any extenuating circumstances. No need for clemency. Every crime has its own consequences, consequences that befall perpetrators as the long arm of justice and that of the deceased’s spirits will eventually catch up with the perpetrator. Payback time is bound to come. Now the crime of one person will affect his or her entire family, community and the whole nation. Talk of ‘’ngozi’’ the avenging spirit and here we are seeing ourselves going through unprecedented catastrophes and disasters across the board. We continue to kill babies and young children by abortion and other heinous means that include stabbing and throat cutting, going to the extent of throwing their dead and even live bodies into pit latrines. A human being deserves a decent burial, not to be discarded like used toilet paper. Every now and then the media informs us of babies and young children being killed in crimes committed by adults. Reasons for the killings vary from uncontrolled anger to greed for wealth as small children are killed for ritual purposes. Just imagine someone cutting off the head of a small defenceless child and dismembering it, taking particular parts of the body and discarding the rest in a toilet. Oh what disgusting disrespect for human life! All for the sake of a few Dollars that one will spend being haunted by the crime or the murderers may actually be forced to be on the run and eventually go on to spend a significant time of their lives rotting behind bars.
Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot go on spilling innocent blood and be called civilised and developed people. Vision 2030 becomes meaningless if by then we will still be dismembering babies and young children. Getting rid of this scourge of child murder should part of the main agenda as we discuss ways of becoming a developed nation. Finding ourselves driving on nice highways, getting fat salaries and having spilling granaries will not be enough to put us into the second world if we continue to spill the blood of innocent children. Musazoti Sekuru Taurai havana kumbozvitaura.

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