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Chikwanda clansmen challenge power of attorney

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Chikwanda clansmen challenge power of attorney


Garikai Mafirakureva

MASVINGO– Some members of the Chikwanda chieftainship are challenging the granting of a power of attorney to John Chikwanda to act on behalf of his father Kadiwa Chikwanda who is ailing and advanced in age.

The challenge led by Davison Mapetese is based on allegations that John who is one of Chief Chikwanda’s sons has a criminal record for attempted murder and for which he was sentenced to nine years in prison.

John was granted the power of attorney on June 24, 2022 and Mapetese and the rest of Chikwanda clansmen have written a letter to Masvingo District Development Coordinator (DDC) Ray Hove dated Octrober 24, 2022 citing John’s criminal record as RMA250/14. 

Members of the chieftainship are arguing that they cannot allow their court to be adjudicated over by a man who has a criminal record and they want the power of attorney immediately nullified.

Hove acknowledged receipt of the protest letter from the clan and promised to attend to the issue.

“The matter that was raised will be given due attention,” read Hove’s statement. 

Part of the letter reads: “We the Chikwanda clansmen do hereby say that we cannot acknowledge the granting of a power of attorney to John Chikwanda on June 24, 2022. The major reason is that he has a criminal record, Case number RMA250/14. 

“We cannot accept a senario whereby he adjudicates at our traditional court or accept being ruled by him. Attached here is a copy from the Judicial Service Commission which in fact explains that he was convicted and sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment.”

John is one of Chief Chikwanda’s sons jailed six years each for severely assaulting Edmore Makore accusing him of encroaching into their father’s jurisdiction. He and his brothers Alois, Shadrach, Zakaria, and a fellow villager Fanuel Mazoredze were slapped with a nine-year sentence by Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu in June 2014. Three years were suspended on each sentence and it is claimed that the accused served the full six years

Edmore is the son of Chief Makore of Gutu. 

John however, said the appeal to the DDC is just out of jealous by those also eyeing the throne. He claimed that he was later acquitted for the case.

“They are not happy that our father nominated me to act on his behalf. It’s common in royal families that children fight each other to get the throne. I am not bothered,” said John. 

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