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Chikomba granny (82) struggling to look after disabled son

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Chikomba granny (82) struggling to look after disabled son



CHIKOMBA —An- 82- year old Chikomba grandmother who is an amputee with a cracked hand and stays with her disabled son is appealing for assistance for their sustainability.
Mbuya Grace Gwasha cannot walk or carry out any task.
Her right leg was amputated in 1954 and her left hand is cracked. She suffered the injury early this year. As a result she cannot do anything for herself let alone her disabled son.
Mbuya Gwasha’s first son Office Zivengwa Madondo who provides for the family had to quit work to look after his mother and brother who can’t go to the toilet on their own.

He told The Mirror that he is struggling to make end meats. He said that he spends his time tending to his mother and sibling and as a result he cannot fend for the family.
“I am appealing for help in form of cash, food, washing powder and a wheelchair to make it easy for me to carry my mother and brother to the toilet since they cannot do anything for themselves. I longer go to work since l am the only one who is left to take care of the two,” he pleaded.

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