Chiefs speak of their roles under Covid-19



MASVINGO – It is a serious offense to break Covid -19 lockdown rules in the country’s rural areas and one can be fined a goat.
Chiefs from Masvingo talked to The Mirror in different interviews on their roles in the fight against Covid -19.
They said that they disseminate information and they are given fuel by Government to do that. They also police communities to enforce lockdown.
The chairperson of Chiefs Assembly in Masvingo, Chief Chitanga of Mwenezi said that chiefs work hand in hand with the Government on Covid-19 issues.
Chief Negari said he will soon put on trial a church leader who has been conducting sermons during lockdown.
Chief Marozva of Bikita said chiefs are members of district covid-19 task force and they are given fuel to move around creating awareness on the pandemic.
He said chiefs also write exemption letters for those who have genuine reasons for travelling including going to funerals and hospitals.
He said that offenders pay a goat as fine.
“I have banned traditional beer. Our duty is also to write exemption letters for those with genuine problems like funerals.
“We go to funerals to create awareness and enforce rules like social distance”, said Chief Marozva.
Chief Mugabe of Masvingo Rural said that he assigned all village heads to enforce lockdown rules.
He said that there is good compliance by people from his area. However, drunkards remain a problem, said Chief Mugabe.
In Zaka, Chief Ndanga has banned all gatherings including garden cooperatives. He said that he gets those violating rules arrested by the Police.
Chief Chitsa of Gutu said people are being told to stay indoors and they are being taught the danger of gatherings.

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