Chief unravels rape of a 16-year-old girl

GUTU – An inquisitive and alert Chief Chiwara of Gutu recently unraveled the reason why a 16-year-old girl was always running away from home and sleeping in the cold at shop verandas.
Her late father’s brother was allegedly raping her at home!
Even the mother of the girl who cannot be named in order to protect the child did not understand why her daughter was running away from home.
The rape case was reported at Gutu Police Station on Monday last week.
Chief Chiwara went to Bikita Minerals Shopping Centre on January 28 and he was approached by women who told him about a girl from his area who slept in a veranda at the shops.
Chief Chiwara got concerned and called the girl who was wearing a torn skirt and he interviewed her.
“I called the family when I talked to the girl and I decided to take her to my place. I called the mother who equally did not know the reasons for the behavior of the girl.
“She said that she was actually looking for the girl who at one time disappeared from home for a month. We persuaded her to tell us why she was running away from home until she finally mentioned her uncle and said that he had instructed her not to tell anyone,” said Chief Chiwara.
The girl’s mother then took the girl home where she discovered that the girl was no longer a virgin. She then told her mother that she was raped for three days by her uncle and she was told never to tell anyone.
Chief Chiwara then adviced the mother to go and make a Police report, which she did on Monday last week.
The girl also said that the uncle dropped her at Bikita Minerals that night when she slept at the veranda.

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