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Chief Tshovani orders pigs to stay in sties 

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Chief Tshovani orders pigs to stay in sties 




CHIREDZI – Chief Tshovani of Chiredzi has outlawed the movement of domestic pigs outside their sties to curb the spread of cholera in his area. 

His aide Hahlani Chauke told a Chredzi Rural District Council (RDC) full council meeting last week that pigs feed on human faeces and sniff foods and pots at shopping centres.

“To curb the spread of Cholera in our area we have banned the movement of pigs. Farmers should keep their pigs in closed cabins so that they will not roam around,” said Chauke.

He said that pigs often sniff in pots at unregistered restaurants at shopping centres. The owners allegedly go on to cook or serve from the same pots thereby increasing the risk of spreading cholera. 

Chiredzi RDC chairperson, Aspect Mashingaidze hailed Chief Tshovani for the move. He urged other traditional leaders to also find ways of containing the spread of Cholera in their communities.

The local authority has evicted illegal vendors from streets and is shutting down unregistered fast food outlets as a way of curbing the spread of cholera. 

Chiredzi is one of the districts most affected by cholera, particularly in the Mkwasine area where sugarcane plantation employees defecate in fields. 

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