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Chief Musarurwa, villagers to build new Police base

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Chief Musarurwa, villagers to build new Police base



CHIKOMBA— Chief Musarurwa born Enos Musakwa has donated 30 bags of cement for the construction of a new Police outpost at Nharira Business Centre after the ZRP pulled out last month.
He told The Mirror in an interview that he has held three meetings with the local business community and villagers over the matter and they have since asked Chikomba Rural District Council (RDC) to allocate a stand for the project.
Police pulled out last month after Lancashire Dairy Co-operative took over its premises that Police has been operating from since around 2 000.
“As the Chief for Nharira area I am prepared to join hands with the business community to build a Police base. So far I have already donated 30 bags of cement that will help in the construction of the police base. We have approached the local authority to allocate us land for the project. In the meantime we need an immediate solution,” he said.
The nearest Police station is now Chivhu Police Station some 30km away. The post covered farming communities as Banza, Bvumbura, Mudavanhu, and Lancashire which have been hit hard by stock theft cases since the closure.
Gwandu lodges manager and Nharira Business Community member Daniel Chidembo said they are recording at least five stock theft cases a week. He said the business community is ready to join the community and Police on the project.
Mashonaland East Police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi said the Police is prepared to provide builders to aid villagers in the construction of a new outpost.
“The community should approach the local authority for a stand to build a Police base and also come up with resources for the project. We will give them builders to help with the construction, but in the meantime we cannot expose our officers to harsh working conditions since there is nowhere to stay and operate from in Nharira,” said Chazovachiyi.

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