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Chief Musarurwa threatens to whip vendors

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Chief Musarurwa threatens to whip vendors


Theresa Zibowa


Chikomba – Chief Musarurwa born Ernos Musakwa allegedly caused drama when he threatened to whip vendors selling their wares outside the newly opened Eat n’ Lick fast food at Till’s in Chivhu.

The incident happened on Wednesday last week. 

The building which is near Gutu Turnoff in Chivhu is owned by the Chief whose operations collapsed some years back. He is now renting it out to Eat n’ Lick.

The Informal Traders Association (CITA) spokesperson David Marufu said that the chief must empathise with the poor families who eke a living through vending. They also accused the chief of putting the law into his own hands by threatening physical violence against vendors.

 “Chief Musarurwa should not take the law into his hands. There are responsible law enforcement agents that can deal with such issues, not a Chief, especially considering he is not doing any business at the premises.

“As a leader, Chief Musarurwa is supposed to find alternative economic activities for those vendors not to chase them away,” said Marufu.

Chief Musarurwa said there are complaints from the new occupants of the building of vendors disturbing their business. Some vendors were selling the same drinks and food stuffs available in Eat n’ Lick. He however, disputed allegations that he threatened to whip the vendors but just asked them to leave the area.

“I am the one who brought Eat n Lick to Chivhu and they are complaining about those vendors. Such a big business cannot be closed because there is someone called a vendor. I told them to leave the premises.

“I did not have any weapon, people are fabricating. I just told them to leave because I am the owner of the building,” said Musarurwa. 

Eat n’ Lick opened in Chivhu on June 1, 2022 and has since then been getting a lot of business with long distance buses flocking away from Chicken Inn in town and ranking at the new outlet. 

Eat n’ Lick Managing Director Tsitsi Musabayana refused to comment on the issue.  

Chivhu vendors have been at the receiving end of authorities in the area. Two years ago Chikomba DDC Michael Mariga drove his Government vehicles over groceries and vegetables sold by vendors in the CBD. 

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