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Chief Munyikwa establishes committee to fight cholera

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Chief Munyikwa establishes committee to fight cholera




MASVINGO-Chief Munyikwa of Gutu born Kirion Rashamira has established a resources mobilization committee to mitigate the spread of cholera in his area. 

The Charles Mushangwe led committee is tasked with sourcing resources in the fight against cholera which has been declared a national disaster.

Chief Munyikwa told The Mirror that he ordered all village heads in his area to pay US$10 to the committee for mobilizing resources.

He also said that the committee handed over US$300 to Munyikwa Clinic to cater for the institution needs in the fight against the pandemic. 

“The donations are still going on. We also distributed soap to 200 households in all 23 villages affected by cholera.

“I am happy that the number of cases is decreasing. I appointed the Committee to fight cholera in Munyikwa.  I also donated a beast to the clinic for them to feed patients,” he said. 

Mushangwe told The Mirror that they have distributed aqua tablets and containers to ensure that villagers have water to wash their hands.

“We realized that Munyikwa Clinic needed funds to purchase resources and we also distributed aqua tablets and 200 ×5 litres containers for hand washing points at every household as a way of mitigating the spread of cholera,” he said.

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