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Chief Mathe relocates to Zhilo

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Chief Mathe relocates to Zhilo


VILLAGERS in Matobo and uMzingwane have decided to relocate the homestead of their newly chosen Chief Nkululeko Ngqabutho Mathe (51) to Zhilo from Silobi.

This follows a chieftainship wrangle between the Mathe and Silobi families.

Chief Mathe is set to be officially installed on July 16

Matobo ward 9 councillor Bekezela Moyo said traditional leaders and villagers have decided to select one of the areas under the Mathe chieftainship as the permanent home for the new chief who would be relocating from Nkayi where he was staying before he was declared the new chief.

“Elders and other villagers have seen it important for the new chief to be permanently established in Zhilo, away from the original central point of chieftainship which was the Silobi area,” Moyo said.

“The chieftainship covers five different areas which are parts of Matobo and uMzingwane district, and these areas are Mtshabezi, Zhilo, Silobi, Dula and ward 9 of Matobo.”

Moyo said the major reason behind this new development was that there had been conflicts between the Mathe and Silobi families over the chieftainship.

“So, the elders saw it fit to permanently set the chief’s base away from these two families to calm the dispute,” Moyo said.

The new chief succeeds the late chief Leonard Mathe who died seven years ago. It took several years to install a new chief due to the dispute.NewsDay

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