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Chief Makumbe elected to National Council Chiefs’ Council

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Chief Makumbe elected to National Council Chiefs’ Council


Martin Muleya

MUTARE – Five chiefs from Manicaland were yesterday elected to the National Chiefs Council in a process presided over by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) at Moffat Hall in Mutare.
ZEC Provincial Elections Officer, Thomson Chiwereweshe, supervised the elections. 
Some 36 chiefs from throughout Zimbabwe are going to be elected to the National Council, and they will elect the president and deputy president of the council.
Manicaland province has 33 chiefs, and 19 voted to elect the five chiefs.
The elected Chiefs are Chief Gwenzi (Daniel Gwenzi), Shepherd Chengeta (Chief Makumbe), Mapungwana Eneas (Chief Mapungwana), Timothy Munyorowazvo (Chief Muusha), James Kurauone Mutasa (Chief Mutasa).
Chiwereweshe said that the election process was smooth.
“The elections were conducted in a peaceful environment and this process is a dress rehearsal of what will characterise the environment for the House of Assembly, Senate and Council elections,” said Chiwereshe.

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