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Chief Chikwanda-Musara power struggles erupt again

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Chief Chikwanda-Musara power struggles erupt again


MASVINGO – The power struggles between Chief Chikwanda and the newly installed Chief Musara have erupted again.
Chief Musara, born Boniface Musara yesterday dragged Chief Chikwanda’s aide Moses Hwingiri for allegedly undermining his authority.
The Mirror heard that Hwingiri disrupted two funerals where he blocked Chief Musara’s representatives from delivering the latter’s speeches. Hwingwiri claimed that the area was not under Chief Musara hence Musara should not speak at the funerals.

The matter is before Masvingo Magistrate Patience Madondo and the State is represented by Ruvimbo Makoni.
The Mirror heard that villagers in the area are observing chisi (sacred day) on two different days on Wednesday or Thursday depending on which chief the villager pays allegiance to.

It is the State case that on May 23, 2021, Hwingwiri of Magaisa Village under Chief Musara caused havoc at Muchechesi Village where he attended a funeral.
The Mirror heard that Hwingwiri interrupted when it was the village head’s turn to deliver speech arguing that the area fell under Chikwanda and not Musara. He influenced mourners not to respect Musara’s jurisdiction.
In the second count Hwingwiri was at a funeral at Dzani village under Chief Musara. When it was Chief Musara’s turn to deliver his speech, he interrupted Musara’s aide, Makomo Chirume from reading the speech and ordered him to sit down.

Accused went to inform the mourners that the area falls under Chikwanda.
The speech was not read. The case was reported leading to the arrest of accused.

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