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Chief chases family away, now subject of the second wife

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Chief chases family away, now subject of the second wife


I am not so sure if love and loyalty in a marriage is not overrated because from the stats that HOTH is receiving what is topping women’s lists in a husband are material and financial stability. 

This brings to the fore a very complex subject that even the most educated cannot encode, because a lot of women are comfortable with being a second wife to a rich man, but cannot  share her man of limited means with another woman. This woman got in an entanglement with your hubby fully aware that your hubby is financially feeble, but she fights tooth and nail to keep the poverty to herself. 

So you don’t want to share poverty, but you want to share riches? I don’t understand the logic but anyway thank you all women for your unmatched gumption. I never knew you are so kind-hearted. It reminds me of this Chipinge businessman popularly known as Doda he has eight wives and they live peacefully.

Aah! HOTH never knew kuti mune moyo wakanaka kudaro Kkkkkk. You don’t care wamawana ane murume wake. As long as ane mari ndewenyu mese, but if he is not rich ndewenyu mega. I don’t know if that’s Socialism or what? HOTH haazivi zvana Socialism or Marxism izvo ndezve mapolitizheni izvo.

So there is this king in the land of sting bugs-iko kuharurwa dzekuDikita uko who go married to a woman who is four decades younger than him. As a king or chief he already have a wife but this wife number two did not want to be second wife so she is pushing the first wife out. 

But this one is a different scenario. This second wife forgets that the king got married to his first wife in the 60s and they have kids who are even older than her. Asi haisi mhosva yake hake because the king is now old and physically rely on her for movement from point A to B. Vava chirema mambo ava.    

But ivo vashe before he got his leg amputated after a near fatal accident vaimboshuta mafirimu wena. At one stage he rammed into a house trying to escape from the husband of the woman he was sleeping with destroying almost half of the house. HOTH is reliably informed that had to Nicodimusly fund the repair of the because the hubby did not take any action against him.

His second wife would beat day lights out of him. Neighbours would beg with her to stop the assault. Chimwe chinoita varume vakasire kufa I think kurohwa and keeping the abuse bottled up. Asi ngenyi uchidaro munhu anongoendawo kuKereke svondo rega rega. Hanzi mudhara airohwa kusvika musana wasina ropa agosasiwa munyu. Asi vakadzi hamupindi denga. 

He was only saved when his elder children intervened. Unfortunately their efforts came to nought because the old man was insisting that his loves his wife. He told them in their faces that he will never report the matter to the police because that would ruin his marriage. 

Wait a minute! Hawu wena mudhara. Is that what you call marriage? Were you ever assaulted by you elderly wife? Does being beaten sounds sexy to you? We were never born to witness such stupidity from our fathers. I heard the man is now so submissive that when he was ordered to throw his first wife out of the house he gladly did that. 

He was even ordered to disown his children and aaaati hwanzi he said, ‘Yes Nkosikazi’! I don’t know what these women are doing to men. I know a lot of women are actually violent and can be very toxic and abusive in relationships but they always get away with murder because they have managed to lie to the whole world that they are weaker sex. 

But to be frank, no weaker sex can bash a man to pulp until he soils his pants, or kick some other woman from her homestead, neither is there a weaker sex that can force a man to disown his own children. Inzwai tsitsi…Inzwai ngoni mambo. Mai vaya vakakuchengetai imi muri rabbi paya ivo vari mukoti zvichitofamba.

Now you tasted royal and political power you think you are on another level. Zvino  munda uya wehondo yemunda mucharima here imi moberekwa? Very soon she will show you her real colours as soon as everyone is distanced from you. You won’t have anywhere to turn to and she will have a field day. If you argue with her she will beat you up or just dump you outside the whole night. You cannot walk mambo saka muri pama1 enyu mega.

Finally the chicken has come home to roost. You were once a king but you are now the subject. Shiri yakabvuta rekeni.      

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