Chief Budzi hails CCOP for promoting peace in communities


BIKITA- Chief Budzi born Hebert Chimene from Bikita has hailed the Churches Convergence on Peace(CCOP) for promoting peace in ruralcommunities.

Chief Budzi said this during the Bikita East stakeholder’s engagement meeting held in Boora area under his chieftainship where there were representativesfrom ward 17, church leaders andfocal point persons.

“This is a good program as it assists us as leaders to bring people from different walks of life together in order to attain community development by tolerating each other’s divergent views and beliefs. Conflicts are inevitable but I have learnt that they can be positively resolved by accepting our differences, “I urge attendees present to be ambassadors of peace to resolve conflicts and disputes,” said Chief Budzi.

The program which is running under the motto, ‘Church and community working together for peace’ was coordinated and facilitated by Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum (ECLF).Speaking at the same event ECLF Provincial Focal Person (PFP) and the Peace Ambassador for Bikita, Pastor Nyasha Richi said skills to handle and manage disputes promote developmental programs.

“Where there is no peace there is no development. The main thrust of this program is to minimize and preventconflicts through the District PeaceCommittee (DPC),” said Pastor Richi.

The DPC chairperson, Joshua Dewa praised the peace building program as it is bringing sanity within their constituency.

“As Bikita Constituency we are really grateful and embrace peace building programs as we are witnessing positive change through dialogue sessions in our community. It is a great initiative as we are managing to live peacefully as a community regardless of our political differences.

“Before this program it was unthinkable for members from different political parties to talk together let alone to walk side by side but this program has all but changed that as we can hold meetings together and plan together for the development of our Constituency,” said Dewa.

The peace building program was started in 2010 and is conducted throughout the country.

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