Chibhoraniland is on fire

By Sekuru Taurai

I have said it before, I am saying it now and I will say it again and again as long as people don’t listen and take heed. Chibhoraniland is once more burning. We are now in the fire season, the period between 31 July and 31 October. This is the time when the grass is dry and the weather encourages fires to burn more fiercely and much faster. That we continue to lose vast tracks of vegetation to veld fires is totally unacceptable. It is not acceptable because these fires are caused by Chibhoraniland citizens who are either careless or shamelessly selfish. 

The selfish person will cause a fire that will burn hundreds of hectres of vegetation just because he wants to catch a hare to put on his table. In the process he will burn all the hares in the vicinity including other animals, birds and insects. With the grass and trees gone the land is left bare and exposed to rain water that will wash away fertile top soil only to dump it in the Indian Ocean. These veld fires can also burn down houses, granaries with food, cattle kraals, vegetable gardens and a host of other valuable things. You can also talk of the resultant smoke that will choke the sky and contribute to the current climatic changes that are leaving us hungry, thirsty and poorer. Even the village chibhorani is affected as it has a wooden component that can burn in the inferno.

Unfortunately we, the people of Chibhoraniland just don’t listen. Every year we are told about preventing veld fires through numerous awareness campaigns making us aware of what we are already aware of. We should know the consequences of veld fires. We have seen them with our own eyes. But alas, we behave as if we don’t know and have never seen. What kind of people are we really? Ndiko kuguta vanhu vachiputsa dura or people cutting the hand that feeds them. When shall we learn? A good start would be heavier penalties that will see perpetrators spending some good time inside the cold room where they will also be rehabilitated so that the first thing they will do when they come out would be to plant lots and lots of trees and grass. If no one listens I will say it again. Ini Sekuru Taurai ndicharamba ndichingozvitaura. 

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