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Chibhoraniland is burning

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Chibhoraniland is burning


By Sekuru Taurai

I have said this every year for the past few years, I am saying it now and will say it again and again without tiring because some Chibhoraniland citizens and they are not few, still plug their ears and never listen. As a result more than 300 000 hectares of our vegetation is burnt down every year. Precious human and animal lives are lost and valuable property and infrastructure is needlessly destroyed. The resultant smoke and land degradation leaves us hungry because of climate change.
Once more we are in the veld fire season. Imagine people having to create a season mostly because some careless and senseless people deliberately or carelessly start or cause fires that burn up our veld. People are reminded and warned. Every year they are informed, educated and made aware of the dangers of veld fires through the media and other numerous campaigns. But unfortunately they do not listen and take heed. You see, for some things you do not even need to be reminded or made aware of. Common sense will just tell you that these things are not done by a normal human being. However it would seem that what we call common sense is not so common after all, hence the veld fire challenges we have to face here in Chibhoraniland on an annual basis. Causing a veld fire that destroys vegetation, lives and property is tantamount to deliberately torching the house you live in or your own granary that is full of the grain you will need to eat tomorrow. The result is perennial hunger, poverty, sickness and underdevelopment.
Chibhoraniland citizens, let us be people of common sense and stop causing veld fires. “Zvinobatsirei kuzoyeuka bako iwe waniwa.” It is useless to think of the cave after you are already wet. As it is we are so stupid that we don’t even think of the cave after getting wet but continue to get more wet as we recklessly go on burning up our own lovely country. Ndazvitaura, ndichazvitaura ini Sekuru Taurai.

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