Chibhoraniland is a breadbasket

Many, many thanks to Brian Oldrieve who pioneered pfumvudza and later convinced government officials of its viability. We applaud the Chibhoraniland government for taking up pfumvudza and vigorously pushing it across the country. We thank the farmers who eagerly took up pfumvudza and worked tirelessly in their fields. It was not dig and die but dig and live. There is someone we often forget to applaud yet he is the one behind all our success stories. Without him we cannot do anything and everything we have belongs to him and him alone. Let us day and night thank Dzivaguru the Creator for giving us enough rains this last season after several years of severe droughts. Today we are in for bumper harvests and many of us farmers are already smiling all the way to the bank as GMB is paying soon after delivery of crops.
With some cash in the bank many of us will be tempted to have a good time and waste our hard earned cash on pleasure and trivialities only to wake up when the planting season beckons and find out that there is no money to buy inputs. Good farmers are already planning for the next farming season particularly for rural farmers who plant once a year when the rains come. Blessed are those with access to water throughout the year, they should fully utilise this gift. Farmers, let us treat farming as a business. Gone are the olden days when the businessman was viewed to be the man with a shop, butchery or grinding mill at the township. Farmers are businessmen and businesswomen as well. Gone should be the days when most of us were mere subsistence farmers farming just to put food in our stomachs and then waste time going wherever there is 7 days beer while waiting for the next rain season. It is high time we treat farming as a serious business no matter how small it may be. In business one needs to plan, budget, invest, save money, document activities, learn more, network and work very hard with the aim of performing better than before. This way the farmer will be prosperous with the country attaining national food security and even exporting to other countries. After feeding ourselves we can feed Africa and the rest of the world and once more become a breadbasket like before. We did it before, we can do it again and this time even better on our way to Chibhoraniland achieving middle income status.

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