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Chamisa to review land rights over Chingwizi

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Chamisa to review land rights over Chingwizi


Mirror Reporter 

Masvingo – CCC president Nelson Chamisa is disheartened by the displacements and paltry compensation given to Chingwizi residents.

The villagers were evicted by Government to allow for the construction of Tugwi-Mukosi Dam.

He blamed the plight of the Chingwizi people on the Zanu PF Government which he said is still using Ian Smith laws where communal people have no property rights over land while people living in Borrowdale, Harare have title deeds over their residential stands.

He promised to change the Communal Lands Act and ensure that villagers will have title to their land. He said people will be given the power to negotiate compensation if a situation for eviction arises and to take cases to court if there are disagreements over level of compensation.

Chamisa said public benefit from most of the projects that have led to the eviction of villagers are doubtful. He said he had not seen how people have benefitted from Chingwizi, Chilonga and Checheche.

He assured the nation that the land reform programme will not be reversed. He said Zanu PF was spreading propaganda that Chamisa would return land to whites when he gets into power.https://masvingomirror.com


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