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Chamisa party rebrands


Chamisa party rebrands


OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday rebranded his party name from MDC Alliance to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) .

Chamisa announced the new party name, symbols and slogan in Harare, saying they decided to drop the MDC Alliance tag and the red MDC colours and open palm symbol to distinguish itself from the MDC, whose name has been tainted by controversy and squabbles.

The CCC presented yellow as its colour, and its symbol will now be a partial fist with a raised forefinger as opposed to the open palm.

Chamisa’s party was forced to rebrand after MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora, who is accused of working in cahoots with the ruling Zanu PF party led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, recently announced that he would use the MDC Alliance name and symbols to contest in all elections.

“The delay (to announce the new developments) was occasioned by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). This afternoon, we approached Zec to give them what they did not expect,” Chamisa said.

“We are not approaching Zec as the MDC Alliance, we are approaching Zec as a new organisation. They kept on insisting that look, we know you as MDC Alliance, we said: ‘Who are you to tell us who we are’?

“We are a new organisation. Anybody launches their party anytime in terms of the laws of this country, and so for that reason, we are coming as a new entity, with a new leadership, with new values and new structures. Alas, they insisted that ‘we know you are MDC Alliance, tell us you are rebranding’. We are not rebranding. If you know MDC as a brand, please dine with those you have given MDC Alliance. We are a new party, nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with yesterday, we are starting afresh.

Chamisa added: “They (Zec) wouldn’t take it. They had meeting after meeting with our senior leadership. We have given them our new logo, we have given them our new name, and we have given them our new leadership and our new thrust. Everything else we have given them in terms of the dictates of the law, and so we are expecting them to

Chamisa said Zec had demanded the new party’s constitution, which they would provide.

“We want every citizen for change, every Zimbabwean must be organised for change,” Chamisa said.

He said his party would use the March 26 by-elections as a curtain raiser for the 2023 polls.

“Yes, the by-elections will come, but like I said, it will be a curtain raiser. It is very important to participate and that is why we said we are participating. We will make sure we also see what is happening to test our systems, and we also expose those who are biased,” the CCC leader said.

“We will be checking on Zec. This time, we will not allow Zec to play and join the other team. If they do so, they will be setting this country in a motion that is irretrievable. I am not threatening, I am giving a promise. We will not repeat what we did. That is why after winning (in 2018), you abused us.”

In September last year, Zec spokesperson Joyce Kazembe told NewsDay that the electoral management body does not register political parties, but simply receives notifications upon formation of new parties.

Chamisa added: “Mnangagwa has not won an election in this country, we know and that is why he had to be saved in the courts because he did not have the mandate. That is why he cannot solve this country’s problems.

“If they so choose, so be it, and these MPs are not worried because they were chosen by the people and not by these pretenders, tricksters and deceivers. They were chosen by the people so we will not go back. These are tough decisions and we are ready.”

He said the meetings Mnangagwa and Mwonzora had been having at State House were meant to decimate the genuine opposition in the country, adding that it was now time for citizens to have their turn.

“Whatever has happened was sponsored and co-ordinated and that is why for the first time you see a purportedly opposition leader going to the State House to have tea,” Chamisa said.

He accused Mnangagwa of creating a “government-organised opposition”.

Chamisa has accused Mnangagwa of working with Mwonzora to decimate the opposition by depriving it of its finance, its headquarters and ultimately the MDC Alliance name.Newsday.

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