Chamisa attacks Covid rules for the rich

Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – MDC –A president Nelson Chamisa has accused Government of selective application of the law when it comes to Covid-19 lockdown adding that such an approach would deepen the pandemic and worsen the crisis in the country.

In a statement released yesterday Chamisa condemned Government for applying Covid-19 rules separately when it comes to the rich and poor. He said that people staying in plush suburbs like Borrowdale are being allowed to break rules while those staying in the ghetto are met with the full force of the law when they violate rules.

There are Covid-19 rules for the poor and for the rich with airports remaining open while land ports used by the poor are all shut down, said Chamisa. He urged Government to be fair and non-selective as Covid knows no class nor status.

He said all the rules put in place by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga a few days ago as he introduced a second Covid-19 lockdown will be ineffective as long as they did not pragmatically take into account the economic hardships faced by the people.
“They forget that 80% of our economy is informal which means a lockdown without complimentary support systems will not be effective. Faced with starvation people would rather breach lockdown rules, posing more risk to themselves and others.

“Simply announcing rules to keep people at home without more is a command style ruler ship which shows total disregard of the real problems facing citizens,” said Chamisa.

He bemoaned the little attention given to frontline workers in particular health workers who are working without PPEs.
He described the act as cruel and called for urgent redress.

He said the whole campaign against Covid-19 is ill planned and therefore bound to fail. He said the lockdown is based on information that is not scientific and the solutions are therefore misplaced.

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