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CEO in messy social life

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CEO in messy social life


How are you comrades and friends. I am not here to praise Caesar but to bury him. Life can be so sweet but at times it can so sour that you will never remember how you were enjoying a few days, months or years ago. Zvinhu zvacho here zvinoti kusekesa zvigoti kusuwisa.
Chete that is life anything can happen to me, you and everyone here, not only to those who are on the southern hemisphere of the equator, but to everyone on the entire universe.
I am sure most man will never argue with me if I tell them that the road or the way that led you to this planet is the same way that you will take back to where you came from. If you know you know. You can even put it in vernacular it will also sound nice.
As usual I was doing my rounds outside town when I bumped into this one. At first I laughed my heart out, but later I felt bad ndikati vakomanaka ndosaka pachiMaravi vachiti ‘Chawana anzako chapita mawa chiri kwaiwe’. Hanzi chawana umwe chapfuura mangwana chiri kwauri. Saka tongoti chawana hama hachisekwi. So I could not continue laughing and ridiculing my fellow man.
Asi I need to give him a bit of some advice. Yes, my bro! You might want to be the most known or talked about man in your area but at the end of the day this can go topsy-turvy. I heard the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- I must confess that I thought that was a respectable position until I heard his scandals.
Unfortunately, some said instead of CEO you can just call him Mr Chenga Ese . So let’s call him Mr Chenga Ese because hanzi ndiGyn chaivo. Yes, I heard he is a self-confessed gynecology. Hanzi vanoongorora havo zvibereko zvevanhukadzi. Ehee ivavo chaivo CEO vepaHanyanya apo. Varikutonzi kutaura kudai varikubuda Dikita chairo Kkkk seka hako HOTH.
I sure this can be another episode in that South African soapie called ‘Scandal’ because the series is humorous and at the same time sad. So the grapevine has it that my CEO went one notch up and impregnated a certain woman in the locality. Abeg ooo this nah yo game my CEO. Izvi siirai vanaTemba vekuti chero vakapinda mugame mhuka dzinotyirwa kuti dzinosara dzava nematumbu.
Manje, imi mukoma maita mutete apo. I am told the woman is now coming after my CEO like a whirlwind chaiyo. Chamupupuri chaicho and some are saying she has lost her marbles. By the way did I tell you that Mr Chenga Ese is married? If I didn’t, I am so sorry about that. I hope you will accept my apologies.
So, when the whirlwind started to trouble Mr Chenga Ese another Cyclone Idai was brewing right in his backyard. Of course, Mrs Chenga Ese was fuming badly. Varikudya rukwenzi wena. She thought her man is going around shagging because of the company Toyota Fortuner. So she took the matter into her own hands and forcibly grabbed the car from him. She is now driving it. Can some tell her that its still council property.
Apa mai nhiya wangu kudhiraivha hatikwanisi. Mota yanzwa nekubondrerswa iyoyo. Asi sure it ratepayers’ money iri kuita abuse. On the other hand I heard his son is filling gas in his vehicle around service stations in the area saying that it had the CEO’s blessing. Asi imi vanhu tinyareiwo kana tichikunyarai. You have reduced our lovely council to circus. Mai nekwavo mwana nekwake baba nekwavo. No mhani. Yangova njake njake kutamba kwemapofu.
Are our residents associations so toothless that they cannot rein in this CEO and his family and stop them from abusing council resources? I am not so sure how they are supposed to do it but I am sure their voices might scare away these marauding jackals and bring Mr Chenga Ese to his right senses.
Asi iwe Mr Chenga Ese mira ndikuline banga. Ukasaita something about what is currently happening in your life we will find you hanging pamutomato chaipo or you will end up like Boss Pango kana Blaz Muvevi. Kumedza bhonzo kutemba huro. So put you house in order wangu. How do you sleep at night with so many scandals both at home and at work? This is a developing scandal. There is more to follow. So until then Vaya Con Dias.

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