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CCC, Zanu PF member in fistfight over results

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CCC, Zanu PF member in fistfight over results


A ZANU PF member lying on the ground was heavily beaten by a CCC supporter at Gomba Business centre in Masvingo this morning after the two exchanged blows over by-election results. The CCC supporter was celebrating yesterday’s by-election results when the ZANU PF supporter shouted at him and said; “You won the elections but you don’t have money!”

The beaten man was a strong supporter of Zanu PF Ward 4 candidate and Masvingo businessman Taurai Mudzviti who is popularly known in town as Bhucho.  The two pushed and shoved until they exchanged blows. The Zanu PF member had to be rescued by the crowdhttps://masvingomirror.com

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