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CCC youth clear Gutu-Buhera Road of overgrown bushes

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CCC youth clear Gutu-Buhera Road of overgrown bushes



GUTU – Noticing the neglect of Gutu – Buhera tarred road by the Ministry of Transpor and Infrastructure Development, 33 CCC youth from Gutu Central put on their work suits on Monday and cleared thorn bushes and grass that are growing into the tarred road.
CCC Parliamentary candidate for Gutu Central in the 2023 elections organized the activity while the party’s council candidate for Ward 35, Tendai Jebheni led the youth and other party members in the clearing of the road.
Jebheni told The Mirror in an interview that the area had become unsafe for motorists as livestock suddenly emerge from thick bushes and into the road. The road section between Vutsinda Business Centre and Machinya Village near Dewure Bridge had become a black spot as many accidents have happened there.
“There have been many accidents here as cattle suddenly walk into the road with speeding vehicles passing by. Last week the car that I was travelling on nearly hit a donkey that entered the road,” said Jebheni.
Wilfred Nyikadzino (popularly known as Fola) accused the Ministry of Transport of neglecting roads by not maintaining them. He said CCC youth were not for violence or beer drinking sprees.

“Gutu Central Constituency must see from this activity that with Nelson Chamisa, the country is in safe hands. We love work, we love our country, we love our people. We are not like FAZ youth who are there for money, violence; beating and killing innocent citizens,” said Nyikadzino. Enita Mukombe Mazo said that the bushes are damaging the road as their roots run underneath.
“Government invested a lot of taxpayers’ money (our money) into tarring this road. Now they are neglecting it and soon it will have cracks caused by trees growing by the roadside,” said Mazo
Ednos Ndema (the party’s ward coordinator) described the initiative by the youth as a selfless one. Motorists passing by appreciated the initiative and Nobert Mashingaidze said, “it is very commendable for youth to spend their time doing this. They have not waited and mourned for Ministry of Transport to come and do this work. They have done it themselves.”

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