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CCC T-shirts not allowed at Mpandawana – ZANU PF activist

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CCC T-shirts not allowed at Mpandawana – ZANU PF activist



GUTU- There was commotion at Mpandawana Bus Rank yesterday when a feared Zanu PF activist, Mugove Mubaiwa allegedly ordered a CCC supporter to remove a party T-shirt that he donned or face the wrath of gangsters.
Ironically Mubaiwa was wearing a Zanu PF cap when he gave the order to Edward Chagonda.
The incident comes barely eight months after Zanu PF vigilante based at Mpandawana set a roadblock outside the growth point in October 2021 and assaulted Nyasha Zhambe who died on November 26, 2021 after spending weeks in hospital.

One of the leaders of the violence, Busta Mafios a war veteran and special interest councillor at Mpandawana died in an accident three months after the murder and was the only passenger injured when the kombi he was traveling in burst a tyre.
Asked for a comment Mubaiwa said he was being framed by Chagonda. Mubaiwa also refuted allegations that he was among the Zanu PF supporters who murdered Zhambe.

However, some CCC supporters at Mpandawana said that they will at an appropriate time release a video taken when the vigilante attacked Zhambe and other motorists. A campaign manager of a senior Cabinet Minister from Gutu is also one of those who appear in the video playing a prominent role in the violence.
Chagonda said he now feared for his life following the threats. He insisted that Mubaiwa was notorious for perpetrating violence on opposition supporters in Gutu.

“I now fear for my life after being threatened for wearing a party T-shirt. It is allowed to wear T-shirt and to support a party of your choice.
“He threatened to hire boys to deal with me after I asked him to remove his cap as well,” said Chagonda.
Mubaiwa resides in Hwiru at the Growth Point. He contested for the Zanu PF chairman for Gutu Central and lost the elections.

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