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CCC rally leaves Rujeko bars with empty fridges

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CCC rally leaves Rujeko bars with empty fridges



MASVINGO – Bars in Rujeko, the suburb where CCC leader Nelson Chamisa held his star rally in Masvingo on Sunday ran out of beer as the huge crowd there brought unprecedented business.
Warm beer had to be brought to meet demand. Experts estimated the crowd that attended the rally at 40 000.

There are four bars at Rujeko A shopping center and all reported brisk business.
A bartender at Makwenzi Bar said they had to order more beer from wholesalers in the CBD to meet the demand.

A bar owner who spoke to The Mirror said they recorded almost six times their daily profit.
Restaurant owners had to bring more cooking stands, chairs, tables and food stuffs to meet the demand which saw some CCC members resorting to walk to Rujeko B and C shops to buy food and beer.

A CCC supporter, Alwin Chaka from Victoria Ranch said he resorted to drinking warm beer because he did not want to walk to nearby shopping centres.https://masvingomirror.com


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