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CCC Government will give farmers title deeds

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CCC Government will give farmers title deeds


Martin Muleya

MUTARE-Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Vice President and Chikanga Constituency parliamentary candidate Lynette Karenyi-Kore has said that her party will offer title deeds to black farmers should they be voted into office. 
She said this at St. Mary’s Grounds in Chikanga when she launched her campaign on Saturday.
CCC Mutare Urban cluster leader and Dangamvura constituency candidate Prosper Chapfiwa Mutseyami, Mutasa South candidate Regai Tsunga, and Mutare South candidate McKenzie Saunyama attended the launch. 
Karenyi-Kore said most farmers fail to access bank loans as they do not have title deeds. She also said this would see a boom in agricultural produce and bring the country back to its bread basket status. 
“When CCC gets into power this year, we will make sure that every farmer will be given title deeds so that they will be able to get loans from banks. They will be able to buy all required inputs and the nation will not go hungry. Food will also be cheap. Our country will go back to being the bread basket of Africa. Our economy is agro-based and we are going to make agriculture the backbone of the nation,” she said.
She also said that Zimbabwe has vast tracts of land with precious minerals looted daily. She reiterated that her party is going to close all mineral leakages.

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