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CCC candidate ordered to pay 3 beasts for defamation

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CCC candidate ordered to pay 3 beasts for defamation



MASVINGO-Chief Gutu has ordered a local businessperson to pay three beasts to sitting Gutu Ward 38 Councillor Takawira Chezhira for allegedly spreading rumours that he was caught red-handed with a married woman.
Anderson Singende will pay two beasts to Chezhira and the other beast to Privilege Vanda and was ordered to make a public apology to Chezhira, whom he alleged was caught red-handed. She is married to Tungamirai Havana of Zvinowanda Village near Gutu Mission. The trial lasted some 45 minutes.
Sindenge is Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate for Ward 38.
The court refused to entertain Singende’s witnesses, but Chezhira’s witnesses allegedly, Zanu PF Ward 38 committee members, testified.
The court concluded that Singende is trying to gain political mileage over Chezhira by spreading rumours since they are tussling for the same seat.
One of Chezhira’s witnesses, Lilian Manhivi, told the court that she overheard Singende telling some villagers that Chezhira was caught red-handed with Vanda in a bushy area near Havana’s homestead.
Three women testified against Singende during the trial.
Singende said the ruling was political because Chezhira’s witnesses are Zanu Pf Committee members.
‘’Chezhira sued me because we are competing for votes as councillors. All these people accusing me of spreading rumours are in a political fight with me.
Everyone in the ward know the rumours, but it is surprising that Chezhira chose to summon me,’’ said Singende.

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