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CCC activist in court for “assaulting” village head over food

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CCC activist in court for “assaulting” village head over food



GUTU – A CCC activist from Guvamatanga Village, Ward 35 in Gutu Central has appeared in court facing allegations of assaulting a village head who had refused him food aid from the Social Welfare Department.
Wilson Guvamatanga spent Wednesday night in cells at Gutu Police Station and was released yesterday by a local magistrate.
He allegedly assaulted Takakurumbira Guvamatanga who is also his uncle.
Allegations are also that Ward 35 councillor Benson kurauone Dandira is going around forcing village heads to refuse opposition members food and at one time, former acting Chief Gutu, AmonMasanganise had to put his foot down and say enough is enough.
Masanganise ensured that everyone present got his share of the social welfare food aid.
Guvamatanga is refuting the assault allegations.
Sources said that the old village head fell after he tried to assault Guvamatanga and got some injuries on his mouth. The food distribution was taking place at Chimunzwa Shops near Chamisa Primary School.
Guvamatanga is being represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) lawyer Martin Mureri.
Guvamatanga asked the village head why he was refusing him food and the latter got angry and tried to assault him.

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