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CBD suffers acute water shortages

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CBD suffers acute water shortages



MASVINGO – Masvingo’s CBD is facing acute water shortages that are affecting toilets and other sanitary facilities and town clerk, Engineer Mukaratirwa has attributed the situation to power cuts.
Residents are complaining that toilets are not usable and sometimes there is no water to clean offices due to the water cuts.
Eng Mukaratirwa said it is taking up to two days to pump enough water into the tanks in order to be able to supply the city. This means that there are some days that there is no water supply.
He said that the local authority has since approached Zesa over the issue.
“The low water supply is due to power outages. As it stands we don’t supply for a day so that our tanks can be filled and supply on the next day. Other than that we don’t have problems with our water supply system. We actually engaged ZESA managers and told them that residents need water in summer,” he said.
Mukaratirwa said should the power outages persist the local authority will start rolling out bowsers to high density suburbs.
The city has a supply capacity of 30 mega-litres a day against a growing demand of at least 45 mega-litres a day.
The high lying areas prone to low water supplies are Runyararo South West, Rujeko, Zimre Park and KMP. Low lying areas like Majange and Mucheke Rank have more hours of water supply.
The city’s water network is 240km long and the velocity of the water from the tanks to the furthest suburb is 1.5m per second and needs 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach high lying areas like Runyararo South-West, Rujeko, Zimre Park and KMP.

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