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Catholic nuns bash drunk teacher for invading Convent

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Catholic nuns bash drunk teacher for invading Convent



MASVINGO-A ‘drunk’ Gokomere High School male student teacher was allegedly assaulted by four female teachers and a security guard after he opened a female teacher’s room mistaking it for his.
It is alleged that the female teacher is a Roman Catholic teacher stationed at the mission.
The four teachers Margareth Gotami (40), Forget Shezhu (32), Evangelista Mukondyo (66), Maria Rumbidzai Dube (62), and Clever Chibhimidza (60) a security guard are now facing assault charges.
They appeared before Masvingo Magistrate, Conceptor Ngwerume on Thursday and were remanded out of custody for allegedly assaulting Prince Muchanyarei (21).
The incident happened on July 9, 2023, around 8 pm. Circumstances are that Muchanyarei returned to the teachers’ lodgings after a beer drink. He ‘mistakenly’ opened the wrong room belonging to one of the female teachers.
The female teacher phoned Chibhimidza for help and when he arrived the four teachers allegedly joined him in assaulting Muchanyarei with sticks and open hands.
Muchanyarei sustained injuries.

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